Reasons to Franchise

Franchise Your Hotel For Maximum Support

Be a part of a dedicated family of brands built to help you reach your goal. Hospitality International, Inc. is a leader in hotel franchise opportunities in the United States and Canada. We have been helping hotel owners and managers maximize their property's potential since 1982. If you're looking for a reputable company with affordable franchise fees to help you reach your revenue goals, our team is ready to help.

  • Fairness And Respect

Our goal is to work with each franchisee in a fair manner. We take great pride in providing our services with an equal mix of integrity and courtesy. At Hospitality International, Inc., we believe that the Steps to Fair Franchising are valid and necessary in doing business with those who wish to grow.


  • Individual Treatment

We work diligently at providing prompt, personalized service from every level of our corporate structure. Franchisees are provided with the direct phone number to each corporate officer and department head.


  • Affordable Fee Structure

We've devised a fee structure that allows hotel property owners to retain more of their property's revenues to help meet your ultimate goal.


  • Flexibility And Prudence

Our common sense approach to providing system-wide standards and regulations allows franchise owners the ability to manage their hotel and rates to best suit individual markets. We do, however, enforce operational standards that include providing basic amenities, cleanliness and comfort.


  • Reservation Services

Our reservation services use the latest online technology and software to expose our franchised locations to potential guests worldwide. We allow freedom to participate in the programs that you choose.


  • Integrity!

At Hospitality International, Inc., we do not conceal any of our fees, requirements or services. Integrity is a cornerstone of our service offerings.