hihotels Franchisee Profile

Mayur Mahant

Scottish Inns and Suites - Jones Road
Houston, TX

Describe your background and how you got into the hospitality industry.

I come from a farming background in India, and my parents are my inspiration in my life. Back in my country, farmers don't just feed their family. Farmers feed everyone around them and this serving nature runs in my family history and continues in the blood line. In 2011, my family moved to the United States and my parents worked in housekeeping at a Super 8 in Houston. I started out in the industry by helping them before moving to a front desk position and taking on managerial duties at the Super 8. I’ve always thought of the hospitality industry as similar to farming, as you plant a seed and nurture a good product for market. That’s the reason why I love the hospitality industry.

When did you join the brand?

I bought the Scottish Inn & Suites on Jones Road in Houston in 2016 and happily remained with the brand. I also launched Arya Motel Supply in March 2021.

What attracted you to hihotels and Scottish Inns?

Scottish Inns is a very well-known hotel brand in the Houston area, so I was attracted to the company right away. hihotels fascinated me with its common-sense service standards that allow me to delight my customers. The brand also allows me to achieve my goals of upgrading my property the way I see fit and providing a quality guest experience.

Tell us about the support you receive from hihotels.

The support I receive from the wonderful hihotels team is like satellite phone service – it never goes down. They listen to our questions and concerns and always provide satisfying solutions. The relationship with their team just keeps improving every day. Whenever I call my assurance and marketing program director, he is always there for me no matter what time it is, and the CEO is always just one call away.

What else do you like about the brand?

What I like about the Scottish Inns brand is that it keeps molding and adjusting, with my future goals in mind. I love the attitude of the corporate team and believe that the sky is the limit for the company.

What would you say to an owner who is considering franchising with hihotels?

I would say that you are going to be in good hands with hihotels. They will take care of your present and future.