Field Support

AMP - Assurance & Marketing Program

Launched January 2019, our new AMP program is available to all of our properties in the Hospitality International family of brands! Your regional AMP Directors will be supporting you with all opportunities and challenges that you may encounter in the hospitality industry. We are certain that with this new avenue of support, we will see significant changes in the way you do business. Our goal for the AMP program is to offer you the education and training you'll need for even greater success!

Here's What we'll be delivering and more . . .

  • Discuss individualized marketing plan, focusing on increasing ROI. This plan will assist with internet optimization and local marketing ideas as to how to increase walk in traffic and bookings from the local market.
  • Educate Franchisees on how they could stand up to their competitors by making incremental investments, and how to prioritize improvements to receive the greatest ROI.
  • Perform annual Quality Assurance inspection on each property, ensuring hoteliers follow correct implementation of brand standards, use of approved identification and marketing tools, policies and procedures.
  • Train staff on how to review TripAdvisor and online ratings and how to write the best responses. Following up on your reputation is key to understanding how you can better perform in customer service and quality, while increasing ADR.
  • On-site Central Reservation System (CRS), training for you and your staff, ensuring you have the knowledge to maximize reservation performance by manipulating rates and availability during seasons and special events.
  • Bi-monthly phone calls to answer any questions or concerns that you may have and to stay in touch with continued support. Of course, you are always welcome to reach out any time!