Sabre Password Reset

1. Print these instructions and note your Default Hotel ID here:

Your default ID may be found when you login to Sabre in the top right corner.

2. Go to and click “Forgot Password”

3. Enter your username and click “Submit”

4. Complete the below information. Be sure it matches what you used when you set up your account. (Note: Email must be the email account used when setting up your Sabre access.) Click “Submit” when done. If it is correct, you will get a new set of questions. If it’s incorrect, the screen will tell you which field has an incorrect value. Make corrections and hit “Submit” again.

5. Answer the three security questions and click “Submit” when finished. (Note: You answered these questions when you first set up your account. Be sure to use those same answers.

6. Finally, enter your new password (be sure to follow password rules on the screen, you cannot reuse old passwords). Once you confirm your new password (2), click “Save”. You should receive a success message if your password has been changed. If not, it will tell you to enter a new password again.

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