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Today’s Hotelier – An Ounce of Prevention

Lessons learned through the pandemic should helps hoteliers prepare their team and their hotels for the next health emergency or natural disaster.

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Asian Hospitality – Sometimes It Is About The Destination

As our industry recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions continue to lift, certain markets are seeing a stronger and faster recovery than others.

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Hotel Management – One on One with Hospitality International’s Chris Guimbellot

Hospitality International CEO Chris Guimbellot discusses his long history with the company and how stepping away gave him a fresh perspective on the company’s direction.

Today’s Hotelier – Keep it Simple

With competition knocking at their doors, hoteliers must consistently assess their hotel, keeping in mind that, although their guests are looking for a unique guest experience, they’re ultimately looking for a respite from their everyday lives.

Hotel Management – Consistent Training Key to Mitigating Risk

Employee turnover is a significant challenge when it comes to risk management in the hotel industry. That’s because training consistency is in jeopardy when a hotel faces high attrition rates.

Today’s Hotelier – A Dose of Precaution

Today’s Hotelier put together a list of suggestions to help you prepare for a possible economic downturn.

Lodging Magazine – PIPs in Perspective

hihotels President and CEO, Chris Guimbellot, discusses the negative impact that PIPs can have on economy hotel owners.

Today’s Hotelier – Sink or Swim

Short-staffed hotel companies test new hires early while still providing career development opportunities

Hotel News Now – hihotels CEO: We Won’t Tell You Your Baby is Ugly

By focusing on sensible standards, hihotels is helping franchisees avoid expensive and onerous Property Improvement Plans, that often have questionable returns.

Lodging Magazine – Selling Service: hihotels President and CEO Chris Guimbellot on the Concept of Personal Attention

By combining their Sales and Servicing positions, hihotels has been able to forge stronger franchisee relationships and provide a better product to the franchisee and the guest, without increasing costs to either.

Hotel Executive – Economy Hotels: Maintaining Relevance in a Competitive Market

Since first appearing in the early 20th century, motels have had to evolve to keep up with guest expectations. In this article, Penny Duelk, Assurance and Marketing Program Director, discusses how those motels can continue to evolve.

Today’s Hotelier – When the Going Gets Tough

Ruben Reyes, Assurance & Marketing Program Director, writes about striking a balance when working with OTA’s in tough financial time.