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Total Brand Support & Customized Services to Boost Your Business

Modern tools, standardized brand services, individual franchisee support and custom yield management assistance help build your reach and increase your bottom line. As a franchisee with hihotels, you'll enjoy numerous benefits to help grow your business and meet your goals.

Assurance & Marketing Program: ongoing personalized field support

The AMP program is the foundation of support for all of our properties. Your regional AMP Director will provide you with the ongoing education and training for greater success at your hotel.

Local, onsite sales and marketing training to focus on increasing your ROI

  • Internet optimization, local marketing strategies to increase walk-in traffic and local market bookings

Engage your staff with quality and customer service training

  • Annual Quality Assurance visits ensure hoteliers follow correct implementation of brand standards, use of approved identification and marketing tools, policies and procedures.
  • Training to gain competitive advantages in your market by making incremental investments, and how to prioritize improvements to receive the greatest ROI.

Assisted online review and guest complaint responses

  • Training on Social Review sites and how to write the best responses. Following up on your reputation is key to understanding how you can better perform in customer service and quality, while increasing ADR.

Onsite Central Reservation System (CRS) training

  • Ensures you have the knowledge to maximize reservation performance by managing rates and availability during seasons and special events.
Brand Marketing

Comprehensive & Ongoing Training to Improve Your Hotel Management Skills

hihotels values education and skill-building, so we offer an extensive list of training services tailored to our hotel franchise owners and operators. Our continuing education program is designed to keep you informed about trends in the hospitality industry and expand your operations and management skills.

Regional Mini-Conventions

  • Covering a range of topics from staff interaction to housekeeping and security
  • Advanced yield management
  • Housekeeper and customer service instruction
  • Safety and security training seminars, guidelines, planning assistance
  • Hotel sales and marketing techniques
  • E-commerce and internet marketing initiatives

Increase Your Hotel’s Efficiency & Revenue

Preferred vendor program

  • Offers national brand discounts, but no mandates to purchase through them.

Property Management System suppliers

  • hihotels doesn’t require a common PMS, but has relationships with feature-rich and affordable suppliers that offer a product best fit for our franchisees.

Insurance coverage standards

  • Helps our franchised locations prepare for the unexpected occurrences that can happen with any business.

Customer feedback services

  • Encourages feedback to be shared and resolved at the hotel property level, not through the corporate office. No unnecessary per complaint fees.

Electronic reservation yield management

  • Assistance that helps you understand, anticipate and influence guest and customer booking behavior.

Standardized brand services

  • Services and amenities designed to earn repeat business, while avoiding costly practices that do not help to increase revenue.