Make your Bed. Now Lie in It.

By Penny Duelk, Assurance & Marketing Program Director


Many of you know the saying, “You made your bed, now lie in it!” I will now challenge you to stay overnight in one of your rooms. Lie in one of your beds…go ahead, relax and watch your favorite TV channel. Feeling a little uncomfortable about the top bedding? After all, you know you didn’t wash it last night and some stranger shared the bedding you are now curled up in. Feeling even more uneasy?

This is exactly how your guests feel. This has become the new guest experience…as dark as it may be. As a society, we have become germaphobes and all of those news shows with black lights exposing bodily fluids didn’t help! So back around 10 years ago or so, the hotel industry went back-to-basics bedding. Nice white duvets with triple sheeting (the third sheet shielding the duvet from dust and dirt and being easier to wash every day.) It stuck! Guests have become more comfortable and more relaxed knowing they can see that they are surrounded by a sea of white sterility! They sleep well, they leave a nice review and they return. TRIFECTA!

On the road, I see many properties still have bedspreads or heavy top covers that people know you are not washing every day. One trick to use for now (until you can afford to replace with triple sheeting or new lighter-weight top covers) is to fold your spread and blanket down about a foot or so and cuff your flat sheet over all of it. This will expose more white sheeting for that same sterile look I mentioned above. Your guest will slip into bed with no reluctance.

They can look around and see for themselves that the sheets are free of hair and stains, building their confidence to come back to your property next time they’re in town.

Plus, if you make your bed in this more tailored way, your pictures will show better online, as they will make your property appear to be more contemporary and show that you are more conscientious about cleanliness.

Once you remake your beds, stay in one and see if you feel a difference in your comfortability. If YOU do, your guests will.

Remember, we are selling a bed and a bath, and our guests should not have to settle for anything other than a good night’s sleep!