March 8th 2017 – Hospitality International teams with AAHOA – No Inspections during Convention 2017.

Tucker, GA – March 8th 2017 – Hospitality International, a Founding Member of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) has announced that they will not conduct any franchised property inspections for franchisee AAHOA members who attend the 2017 AAHOA Convention & Trade Show.

Hospitality International strongly encourages its franchisees to take advantage of the professional development resources offered at the AAHOA convention. By offering an inspection holiday during convention week, they may attend without concern that they may not be present for an inspection.

Hospitality International has been a strong AAHOA supporter since the association was founded. The chain boasts more than 250 properties worldwide.

Jim Bloodworth, President of Hospitality International, said: “Our goal is to support our franchisees and to constantly improve product and service quality, thereby ensuring that guest satisfaction stays high. By not scheduling any inspections for AAHOA members or property owners that are attending the 2017 AAHOA convention, we feel that they can focus on the networking, educational, and business opportunities available at the AAHOA conventions.”

AAHOA President and CEO Chip Rogers called Hospitality International “an important industry ally” and said, “Hospitality International’s willingness to prioritize their franchisees’ professional development is very much appreciated and admired by AAHOA members, who place a very high value on positive relationships with franchisors. We look forward to strengthening AAHOA’s relationship with Hospitality International in the coming months.”

The 2017 AAHOA Convention & Trade Show will be held April 11-14 in San Antonio. For more information, please visit

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