President's Letter

A Letter From The President Of Hospitality International

Since 1982, Hospitality International has been providing a range of franchise opportunities for hotel owners and developers across the U.S. and Canada. Our values of treating individuals fairly, providing the highest quality standards, and delivering the best possible service at an honest price are at the heart of everything we do. Our goal of ‘a good night's sleep!®' for everyone, both Guests and Franchisees, has become our company motto.

Our relationship with our Franchisees is based on trust, fairness and respect. Using these key principles, we have been able to work together through some very challenging economic periods. Over the years, we have seen huge changes in guest expectations and our dedicated marketing team continues to assist our Franchisees in meeting their needs.

Technology for the hospitality industry continues to develop at a fast pace, providing convenience and streamlining for day-to-day hotel activities. As a company, we are committed to finding the best new systems and methods designed to keep those costs manageable, while continuing to be competitive and profitable.

I believe a successful business is built on sustainable, reliable growth. In recent years, I have seen a change in the type and quality of hotels that have joined us; economy lodging is definitely not what it used to be. But amidst all this change, we continue to maintain the individuality of each hotel and deliver our promise of ‘a good night's sleep!' to each of our Guests and Franchisees.


Signature of President
Chris Guimbellot,