Bolster Your Bookings with a CAGE Code

Looking for a free and easy-to-implement way to increase bookings at your property? Then consider obtaining a CAGE Code from the Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency to be a government contractor.


What is a CAGE Code?

A CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity) Code is a unique, five-character, alphanumeric identifier that is required for a company that wishes to pursue contracts from the United States federal government. Basically, it’s a method of tracking your business with the government.


Required by the government for contractors since 2014, a CAGE Code is free and expires every five years. To apply, visit


Success for a hihotels Franchisee

John Babu, the owner of a Scottish Inns & Suites in White Settlement, Texas, has several government facilities close to his property, so his Assurance & Marketing Program director suggested he get involved in the program to capture that business and included full details and application information in the property’s sales and marketing action plan.


After applying, John received the CAGE Code in just two weeks and soon began seeing results. He now predicts he will bring in $200,000 in revenue this year from government travelers staying at his hotel. He is also working to obtain more business from companies such as Lockheed Martin and military installations in the immediate area.