Photography is Key When Posting on Social Media

In the marketing world, where content is king, images are the emperor. As humans, we connect emotionally to images more than text or audio. People take action quicker and make more decisions when prompted by images, rather than reading text. Because social media feeds are bombarded and updated constantly with new content, having an image to support your post will help you stand out among the others.

Aim to post compelling photos on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any social media site you use. People are more likely to interact with a photo that they find funny, informative or intriguing. In fact, photos are so powerful that more than half of Facebook users said that their friends’ photos helped persuade their travel plans and holiday choices.

Visual storytelling is important to showcase your hotel’s personality and unique qualities. Do you pride yourself on excellent customer service? Post an “Employee of the Week” photo and include the great examples of how this person stepped up to help serve a guest. Do you have a restaurant on-site that you love? Post pictures of your favorite meal or a variety of menu offerings.

The best part about posting pictures is that you can easily do this from your phone! Make sure you hold the camera steady and snap a clear picture. Always review your photo before posting it. Check if your photo is the right size, too. You don’t want to post a photo that is too tiny to see.